AI Teammate Now Trained to Automate Investigations and Unlock Expert Knowledge

Our AI teammate now intelligently automates your investigations, answers questions, and recommends next steps

Divanny Lamas, CEO
Jun 11th, 2024

If you’ve ever been on-call, imagine this familiar scenario: it’s 2 AM and you’re alerted to a critical timeout error in a key application. Despite poring over Splunk logs and Datadog metrics, you can't pinpoint the problem. You remember your team solving a similar issue last month, but the solution eludes you as you sift through outdated Confluence docs and scattered Slack messages. You ultimately have to escalate to a more senior engineer.

Existing on-call systems are great at waking you up, but almost none help you actually solve the problem — until now.

Today, we’re excited to announce new advancements to our AI Teammate that go beyond waking you up and generic ChatGPT responses. Deeply integrated into your environment, our AI Teammate transforms institutional knowledge into actionable expertise — instantly gathering knowledge from across your environment, automating investigations, and recommending solutions.

After receiving an alert, our AI connects across your fragmented tools and data stack to locate, fetch, and present relevant information — empowering engineers with expert knowledge to solve issues faster than ever before. Users can also prompt our AI Teammate to get instant answers that combine AI insights with specifics about your environment.

Watch a demo:

This is just the beginning. Today, our AI can intelligently decide which automations to run to investigate alerts in seconds. Tomorrow, our AI will have a human-like understanding of your tools — enabling agentic process automation that can dynamically plan and execute investigations on your behalf. With Autopilot, the days of lengthy configurations and rigid workflows will be over. Transposit's reasoning system, purpose-built on top of advanced LLMs, will conduct a full end-to-end investigation on the fly, tailored for each alert.

This is so much more than a pager — it’s next-gen on-call that actually helps you solve problems.

What makes this possible?

Structured data — those clear-cut numbers and entries that fit neatly into databases — has long been straightforward to use. We see it daily in graphs and logs from observability tools. Yet, the vast majority of enterprise data is unstructured, residing in emails, documents, chat logs, and more. This data houses a wealth of institutional knowledge: the tried-and-true learnings from experts, the conversations that sparked key decisions, the insightful comments on Jira tickets.

Leveraging this vast reservoir of knowledge has been notoriously tough to harness. Our Generative AI (GenAI) changes that, transforming unstructured human content from across your environment into valuable knowledge and giving instant expertise to even your most junior engineers.

Our proprietary AI engine is optimized to index and understand structured and unstructured engineering and operational data — instantly surfacing the data you need (like graphs, logs, or recent changes) to investigate the issue. Its pre-training for on-call scenarios, understanding of organizational context, and built-in guardrails make it highly accurate and adaptable. Combined with our robust API integration engine that can connect to any API-enabled tool, our AI is uniquely able to gather data and take action across your environment.

Instant expertise & automated investigations

By integrating the power of unstructured data, we've created a treasure trove of actionable human data — delivering instant expertise to even your most junior engineers and eliminating the need for time-consuming escalations or manual searches.

Our AI extends beyond the typical Q&A of ChatGPT — it understands context to be able intelligently decide which automations to run, pulling relevant data such as graphs from Datadog or logs from Cloudwatch and utilizing senior-level insights from Slack, Jira, Confluence, past incidents, and more to give recommendations.

Let's see it in action. When an alert came in, our system automatically paged Ryan and ran a series of automations — pulling the last three GitHub Actions deployments and a Grafana graph.

Integrated into Slack, users can ask our AI teammate questions anytime. Here Nate asked how to triage the alert. Using data from your environment (in this case, a runbook in Confluence), our AI shares the next steps Nate should take.

Maybe Nate is new to on-call. He can quickly ask our AI what his duties are for this situation. Instantly, Nate has both the data and guidance to confidently handle this alert.

Plugged into any data source (e.g. Jira, Slack, Confluence, ServiceNow, etc.), our AI brings the revelant data right to you in Slack so teams spend less time searching for answers and more time solving problems.

Transparency is key — we always provide proof of evidence for every investigation and chat response. Just head to the web interface to quickly see what sources have been used, with links directing you there. You have peace of mind knowing where the data is coming from and being able to vet any answer or investigation.

A truly AI-native approach

Today, almost every tech product integrates some form of AI, but it's often difficult to discern truly innovative technology amidst the buzz. We're not just augmenting features — we're building a platform that naturally integrates AI as a core component of its architecture.

We utilize advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to ensure our AI not only delivers precise information but also aligns perfectly with your specific environmental needs.

This isn’t just bits and pieces of AI splattered onto features, but an AI-native platform that transforms legacy, manual processes into next-gen on-call — where AI can use your tools just like you would and unlock senior-level insights from your tools and historical incidents — all through natural language.

Our commitment to security and privacy

We believe AI will significantly enhance the capabilities of engineers and operations teams, enabling them to do more with less effort and focus on the tasks they are passionate about. However, we firmly believe in the importance of managing AI with strict security and privacy protocols.

Enterprise privacy is a top priority in our product development. We ensure your data is automatically cleansed of sensitive information, we never train our models on your data, and we provide full control with the ability to opt-in or opt-out at any time. Additionally, our platform is SOC 2 compliant, adhering to the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Supercharge your reliability with AI

Embrace the future of on-call with our innovative AI solutions — where your data becomes your greatest asset, and every challenge becomes an opportunity to excel.

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