Meet Transposit's AI Scribe: Your Digital Notetaker for Seamless Incident Management

Make manual note-taking a thing of the past with real-time voice and video transcripts that intelligently capture key events and decisions directly in Slack.

Ryan Taylor, VP of Customer Success & Solutions Engineering
Jun 26th, 2024

I am here to introduce our newest feature, AI Scribe. But first, let me share a story.

My wife, who grew up in Mexico, recently told me about her high school training in shorthand. The goal? Speed and efficiency. She learned to use symbols and abbreviations to record spoken words rapidly, keeping pace with speakers and contributing to the historical record. While generally beneficial, this skill becomes even more valuable in an incident management role.

Many meeting applications, from Zoom to Teams, have added AI summarization capabilities. While helpful, these summaries often need more context. When a participant shares their screen, a dashboard, a document, or an insightful chat response, these elements are rarely recorded as part of the overall conversation and subsequent summarization.

Why does this matter? In my career, the incident bridge was about efficiency, but it was always an ancillary method of communication. In real life, I could share a dashboard link or screenshot in Slack and discuss it in real-time with responders on the call. Effective communication involves verbal elements (which out-of-the-box summarization tools handle well) and nonverbal components like visual aids, dashboards, or screenshots. These are crucial parts of the historical record and your opportunity for improvement.

Enter Transposit's AI Scribe. This innovative feature creates real-time meeting transcripts from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, and integrates them throughout your incident lifecycle. It captures key events in Slack, recording every decision without the hassle of manual note-taking — freeing teams to collaborate, strategize, and make critical decisions more effectively.

Watch this 1-minute demo:

Why use an AI scribe?

High-urgency incidents demand seamless communication and collaboration. Keeping detailed notes or catching every part of the conversation can be challenging, especially when team members join at different times. AI Scribe solves this problem by allowing latecomers to quickly catch up on what they've missed.

Our AI Scribe joins your ongoing bridge and automatically transcribes voice via video meetings directly into your team's Slack channel. It notes key events and decisions discussed and made, allowing you to focus more on the conversation and less on documentation.

Instant access, right in Slack

In the incident Slack channel, we transcribe your real-time meeting in a dedicated thread. This means you can access the conversation without waiting for the meeting to end. Missed the meeting? Simply scroll through the transcript. Every word, decision, and action is there.

Our AI intelligently extracts key events from your meeting, highlighting decisions made and essential information. In this meeting, I mentioned how the front end web team recently made a change on Netlify, which could be contributing to the issue.

Now, when I create the incident summary, our AI Scribe has intelligently pulled out that important piece of information and added it as a key event.

Smarter incident management

These transcripts feed directly into your Incident timeline, providing a more precise, searchable record of events. This leads to better insights for tackling current incidents and more innovative strategies for handling future ones.

We use this rich data to provide actionable suggestions and insights during future incidents. Imagine facing a complex issue and receiving real-time recommendations based on past successful decisions and actions — that's using history to shape a brighter future.

Learn more abut AI Scribe in our docs.

Simplify your incident response

Transposit's AI Scribe is here to eliminate the burden of documentation during critical incidents and ensure everyone stays informed effortlessly. Ready to streamline your incident management process? Let our AI Scribe handle the record-keeping while you focus on resolving the issue. Welcome to more efficient, effective incident response. Request a demo to chat with our team.