Streamline Incident Communications With AI-Generated Summaries & Key Events

Never write a manual incident update again. AI Summaries provide a real-time overview of what’s happening, including key events from each each phase of the incident.

Jessica Abelson, Director of Product Marketing
Jul 2nd, 2024

As a product marketer, I'm part of the problem. Yep, I'm that person pinging you for updates when an incident is happening. When you're trying to investigate and mitigate an incident, keeping stakeholders like myself in the loop is just one more stress added to your list. But what if you never had to deal with manually writing or sharing updates during an incident again? Done.

Our AI Teammate makes it simple to create AI-generated summaries that highlight key events during an incident, including actions taken, decisions made, and critical updates.

Engineers can even create role-specific updates (you know, the less "technical" version for people like myself). Easily share updates across channels or tools (yes, you can automate this!), so everyone is "in-the-know" and you're able to focus on the work that really matters.

But it's not just about stakeholders. When new engineers or subject matter experts join an incident, summaries make it easy for them to get up to speed at lightning speed, without slowing anyone down.

And after an incident is resolved, our AI saves you hours on postmortems. Summaries feed directly into exportable reports, giving you a complete incident rundown without the hassle.

AI Summaries go beyond merely monitoring your Slack conversations. By understanding your operational data — written (chats, documents, tickets) and spoken (voice, meetings) — our AI intelligently summarizes the most important pieces, clearly communicating what has happened and what steps are being taken.

See it in action (0:49):

Effortless incident summaries — whenever you need them

No more waiting until the end of an incident for a comprehensive report. Our AI Teammate generates detailed summaries of your ongoing incidents at any point in time. Simply head to the pinned message and click View Summary or run the command /incident summarize.

Future incident assistance

All the key events generated from our AI are stored in your Incident, giving anyone on-call a simple but holistic view into what has happened.

The value of this data goes beyond the current incident. Our AI uses this rich data to provide actionable suggestions and insights during future incidents. This historical data allows our AI to identify patterns and provide recommended solutions, helping your team make informed decisions and improve incident response over time.

The power of AI in incident management

By providing real-time summaries and insights, our AI Teammate helps your team understand their current status, track their actions and decisions, and improve from each incident.

Best yet? Now I can stay out of your hair and you can do the work that really matters.