The Gift of Reliability

It’s the ultimate gift because it keeps on giving

Laurel Frazier
Dec 15th, 2021

Legend tells us that Santa and his elves plan and prepare all year for just one night. No matter whether you believe this is true, we know for a fact that Operations teams across all industries are doing the same on an even larger scale — working hard to give the gift of reliability and uptime to their customers every single day. ‘Tis the season of giving, so we are excited to send some cheer your way with a CloudOps inspired riff on a classic holiday poem.

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‘Twas the month of December, when all thro’ the cloud, Lots of systems were stirring, albeit not loud. The SREs were coding with plenty of care, In hopes that no incidents soon would be there.

Some patterns were identified by examining data, And they decided to hold off on releasing their beta. And automation had begun for all tasks done at least twice, In an effort to ensure that their holiday is nice.

If out of nowhere there did arise a clatter, The on-call team would be called to see what was the matter. A slack channel and ticket would be created in a flash, Communications at the ready to quell any backlash.

An investigation ongoing, logged to keep all in the know, A full timeline of both human and machine actions would flow. When the path to resolution then becomes clear, All would come together without any fear.

The post incident review would happen soon after, So uptime can resume amongst cheers and laughter. More rapid than eagles the incident came, But the runbooks were ready all the same.

No chaos, no clammer, no customers upset, With Transposit on hand you won’t break a sweat!

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Until then, we wish you the 5 9’s and a happy New Year!