Product updates May 2023: AI-powered automation, self-serve sign-up & more

We’re bringing AI to incident management, so you can automate ops tasks in seconds. Sign up for free to explore all our new features.

Jessica Abelson, Director of Product Marketing
May 9th, 2023

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For years, workflow automation tools have helped teams automate simple tasks, but too often there are limitations, or a cliff in how far teams can go. Tools may not offer the integrations teams need, and customizing with code can be time-consuming.

We believe automation should be simple but powerful, so we’ve harnessed the power of AI to allow you to create new automations in seconds. Our generative AI technology enables you to automate ops tasks using natural language, so you can continue automating regardless of your technology stack or workflow changes. As the first AI-powered incident management tool, we’re excited to help teams automate the entire incident management lifecycle from alert to resolution — without limits.

And this is just the beginning. Our goal is to bring AI to every step of your incident lifecycle in ways that make on-call life better and easier. The potential is limitless, and we’re working on harnessing AI in even more magical ways. Want to learn more about how we’re bringing AI to Transposit? Reach out.

Check out everything that’s new in the product today, including AI-powered automation, interactive runbooks, and analytics.

Automate anything with AI-powered tools

Our powerful automation engine allows teams to automate across infrastructure, systems, tools, and events with hundreds of pre-built scripts and AI-powered actions.

AI-generated actions
We’ve made it even easier to create automations and connect workflows across any environment using the power of AI. AI-generated actions allow you to extend the power of our hundreds of integrations and create almost infinite automation possibilities. Users can now just describe what automations they want (in natural language), and AI will generate the action.

Watch a quick demo:

Pre-built templates
Our new Automation Hub provides a menu of pre-built script templates that you can easily use and customize. You can add scripts to runbook steps so it’s easy for your team to take action, or automatically trigger scripts when an incident is created or changed.

Reduce escalations with interactive runbooks

When you’re on-call and get paged at 3 am, knowledge is your lifeline. Transposit Runbooks give anyone on-call both the knowledge they need and the ability to quickly take action. Our automated, interactive runbooks guide users through the entire incident with access to human-in-the-loop automation, tracking of action items, and documentation.

Opposed to static wikis, Transposit enables users to execute scripts attached to any runbook step — providing human-in-the-loop automation that accelerates response while keeping humans in control.

Drive change with powerful insights

We want to make sure teams have all the data and metrics they need to learn from past incidents and improve over time. We help teams turn incidents into opportunities to learn with:

Automatic Timelines
Continually improve processes and simplify compliance with automatic incident timelines that capture every human and machine action (including Slack conversations in attached channels).

Track team-wide analytics with access to all the metrics your team needs, like MTTR and MTTA, to learn and improve from every incident.

Automatic Post-Incident Review
Save 2+ hours by automatically generating a post-incident review, which can be exported to Confluence or Google Docs. The document will show all metadata relating to the incident, as well as your full incident timeline.

Get started in minutes

Jump right in with pre-built templates, and easily connect all the tools you love with hundreds of integrations.