Brace for Impact: The 2024 AI Revolution Reshaping Operations

AI is set to make the leap from experimental to essential, shifting from mere potential to delivering indispensable solutions that revolutionize operations. We're here to spearhead this transformation.

Divanny Lamas, CEO
Dec 20th, 2023

Welcome to 2024 — a year that's shaping up to be a reality check for AI. In my conversations with customers, a clear narrative has emerged: the hunger for AI tools that are ready for action is immense, yet the market is racing to catch up. At Transposit, we're not just observing this trend; we're actively responding to it. Our mission is to fill this void with AI solutions that don't just intrigue but deliver — robust, practical tools tailored for today's operational challenges.

This year isn't just another step in AI's journey; it's a critical test of its real-world application. Businesses aren't just asking for AI; they're demanding solutions that work seamlessly and effectively right now. The tech landscape is bustling to transition from groundbreaking ideas to dependable, production-ready tools.

We're in the thick of this transformation, spearheading the development of AI applications that aren't just futuristic, but functionally indispensable. Here's a glimpse into the pressing trends and strategies that are driving operations teams in 2024 — trends that we at Transposit are not only tracking but also actively shaping.

AI: The Ultimate ETL Tool for Unstructured Data

As we enter 2024, the role of AI in data processing is undergoing a remarkable transformation, particularly in managing unstructured, human-generated data. Emerging as a formidable ETL (extract, transform, load) tool, AI excels at uncovering insights from the vast arrays of natural language text that organizations often undervalue. This includes everything from emails and chat logs to documents and informal notes.

This evolution is particularly groundbreaking in operations where the focus has long been on traditional structured observability sources like logs and metrics. This advancement is not just about organizing data; it's about extracting its true value. By unlocking new data sources, AI is unveiling insights that go beyond conventional monitoring, offering a more comprehensive understanding of user experience and operational challenges.

AI, with its ability to interpret context and nuances, is turning human-generated data into a goldmine for decision-making. The impact is far-reaching — from healthcare, where patient notes and research can be synthesized for better care, to customer success, where support tickets can be analyzed to identify recurring issues and trends. AI's role in data processing is leveling the playing field, allowing businesses of all sizes to unlock the potential of data that once required highly manual curation.

Personalizing RAG - The Dawn of Domain-Specific AI Insights

In 2024, we're at a pivotal moment in AI's evolution, with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) taking center stage. Imagine RAG as an open-book exam, where LLMs like ChatGPT can access a wide array of external, domain-specific data to enhance responses. This year marks the shift from 'Naive RAG' — basic data retrieval and keyword searches — to 'Advanced RAG,' a sophisticated, domain-focused approach reshaping productized AI pipelines.

Advanced RAG goes beyond simple data access. It involves integrating and curating data through a domain-specific lens, tailored to each company's unique operational needs. For instance, in operations, this means transforming unorganized data into dynamic, actionable insights derived from sources like internal runbooks, Slack channels, and performance metrics.

This transition from a generalized tool to a personalized solution marks a significant leap towards intelligent operations management. While Naive RAG is like flipping through textbook pages for answers, Advanced RAG is akin to having a custom-made guide that synthesizes information from diverse sources, providing precise, context-aware solutions tailored to operational environments.

Enhancing Human Decision-Making with AI

Get ready to meet your new favorite teammate. This year, we’re seeing AI step out from behind the curtain of chat interfaces and basic wrappers, turning into something like a silent, yet powerful, partner in our daily work. It’s no longer just about following commands; AI is getting woven into our work routines, but in a way you might not expect.

For the folks in SRE and Platform Engineering, this means a big change is on the horizon. From my conversations with teams in 2023, it is clear that AI is already playing a key role in synthesizing documentation and helping debug code. In other words, answering questions with amazing insights. The next frontier? Giving you suggestions before you think to ask.

Imagine a crisis situation, where AI is diving into the data — logs, metrics, and traces — and mixing it with past incident reports, chat logs, and even code changes. It’s like having a detective that can piece together clues and come up with suggestions that are spot on, making our problem-solving faster and smarter.


While AI may not be able to predict the future, at Transposit, we're using it in 2024 to build one that's smarter and more efficient. What we are witnessing is not merely an incremental improvement in operational tools; it’s a paradigm shift in how we approach and solve complex operational challenges.

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