Introducing Activities, the New Auto Ticket That Brings Automation to Service Management

Activities provide a single source of truth across issues, incidents, tasks, requests and all associated operational data

Jessica Abelson, Director of Product Marketing
Dec 9th, 2021

We’re thrilled today to introduce Activities, the new auto ticket that provides a single source of truth across issues, incidents, tasks, requests, and all associated operational data — all with automatic documentation. Now, the data around automation and human processes have context, with Activity metadata that captures the data teams need to track progress, identify owners and services, and ensure visibility across teams. With minimal ticket drudgery, Activities use the power of automation to update Activity Fields and document human and machine actions, reducing manual toil and ensuring Activities are always up to date.

See Activities in action

Fully customizable — no coding required

Activity Types and Fields are fully customizable — easily add and edit any time. Whether for an incident, request, change, or any other operational task, ensure Activities have the data your team needs to document and effectively execute processes.

Customize Activity Types

Add new Activity Types, like change requests, deployments, bugs, or other. Simply add new fields and drag and drop to change their order.

Customize Activity Fields

Easily create new Activity Fields to ensure Activity Types are customized for your exact needs. Choose from field types: Short Text, Long Text, Labels, Selection, Multi-Select, URL, Date, or Person.

Auto-update tickets with activity field binding

Activity Fields can be updated automatically with output data from Runbook Actions, ensuring context is always up to date, with less manual toil.

For example, a user could use an EC2 Action to create a new VM, which would output its IP address. Now, users can send that Action output — the IP address — into an Activity Field to be used in later actions. Teams could also use Activity Field binding to ensure that all links generated from the Runbook (like the Zoom meeting URL) are added to the Related Links field. The automation possibilities are endless.

Accelerate response with human-in-the-loop automated Runbooks

Execute a human-in-the-loop automated process for an Activity by running one or more Runbooks, whether it’s a response to an incident, service request, change, or any other operational task. Runbooks can be automatically run based on an Activity Type or be manually executed from within an Activity.

Every action within a Runbook will run within the context of the Activity, ensuring teams have the data they need to make intelligent decisions and accelerate response to any event. Runbooks combine automation and human actions, automating away repetitive tasks while providing humans with the data and context they need to use judgment and take immediate action.

Drive continuous improvement and simplify audits and compliance

Activities automatically capture any automated or human action taken throughout any Activity within the Timeline, creating a full audit trail that teams need to ensure compliance and prepare for audits.

Benefits from Activities span beyond the event itself. Automatic documentation as well as a full history of Runbook “runs” (the execution of a Runbook) provide teams with the feedback loop needed to improve automation and their processes over time. Teams have full visibility into which Runbooks were used, how they were used, and by whom, making it easy to understand where there may be areas for improvement.

This full history of actions also enables people to use past learnings during a current event. If a similar event occurs, teams can easily look to see how it was handled previously and what mitigating actions were taken.

Ensure visibility for stakeholders

Activities make it simple to keep stakeholders informed and ensure visibility across the organization.

Activity Overview

The Activity Overview shows every update to the Activity, with all relevant data like related links, service owners, environment, commander, and more.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary makes it easy to keep executives in-the-know during an incident. Updates to the Executive Summary will be documented in the Timeline and also pinned to the corresponding Slack channel.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed acts as a single point of truth, providing teams and stakeholders with full visibility into all the activities happening throughout the pipeline and infrastructure.

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