New Actions for AWS, GCP, and Azure Make Change Safe and Consistent Through Self-Service Workflows

New Actions for cloud services empower operations and engineering teams to move faster, with assurance

Jessica Abelson, Director of Product Marketing
Oct 13th, 2021

Having lots of pre-built connectors is good and well — and yes, we have hundreds of those — but what’s most important is what you can actually do with those connectors. Transposit Actions, good to its name, promote actionability within Runbooks, enabling teams to fully automate tasks or take action with a single click in any connected system. Today we’re excited to announce new pre-built Actions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Azure that empower engineering and cloud operations teams to move faster – with assurance – by enabling self-service infrastructure through automated workflows.

Rapid change is the cornerstone of innovation. But while product and DevOps teams need access to services quickly, operations teams also need to ensure changes are made securely and consistently across teams. Our new Actions not only accelerate access to services but also add a layer of assurance, with workflows that provide guardrails. Rather than manually fulfilling a request — which has the potential for human error — workflows executable through chat or the Transposit UI offer a safe interface to make configuration changes using pre-configured input fields and managed authorization. Simple input models reduce the potential for errors by ensuring descriptions are formatted correctly and modifications are predictable and consistent.

Self-service infrastructure workflows

The no-code Runbook builder coupled with developer customization enables operations to create self-service workflows that let users do everything from provisioning infrastructure to creating new accounts and permissions. Our human-in-the-loop approach to automation means teams can create workflows with varying levels of human intervention, from fully-automated self-serve requests to workflows that bring humans in for approval or to use judgment before taking the next action.

Automate service requests

New Actions reduce the manual toil of service requests and enable engineering teams to get faster access to the services they need. All of this can be accomplished through Slack, Teams, or within the Transposit UI. Below is an example of a workflow to request a new EC2 instance, right from Slack.

Transposit Runbooks ensure that failure is anticipated, with “if fails” logic baked right in. Users can choose what automated actions are executed if a Runbook fails, whether it’s creating an incident or alerting a service owner. With this, our goal is to reduce the manual toil of operations by allowing automation to take the brunt of the work, while bringing humans in when needed.

Immediately access data from cloud services

From investigating an incident to daily operational tasks, teams need quick access to data from cloud services. New Actions enable teams to pull real-time information from AWS, GCP, and Azure. In the Runbook below, Actions include being able to terminate, stop, and start an EC2 instance, list instances, and request a new EC2 instance.

Instantly, the data teams need is right where they’re already working in chat. The same information is also available in the automatic Timeline in the Transposit UI.

Accelerate speed to resolution

New Actions also help teams make changes to cloud services to remediate an incident or problem. Teams are able to use contextual data (easily gathered from connected tools and services within a Runbook) to choose to restart a server or scale an instance. Teams may even fully automate these actions if there are repetitive incidents that take the same action every time.

Once again, all human and machine actions are recorded in the Timeline for a full audit trail, enabling teams to learn from past processes and use them in future events.

Deliver rapid change, with assurance

Bringing cloud services into these workflows help CloudOps deliver great customer service and ensure reliability, allowing engineering teams to get immediate access to the services and infrastructure they need to ship software rapidly and safely. Through these new pre-built Actions (and hundreds more), we’re enabling more people across operations to automate processes and add immediate value to their business and customers.

If you’d like to learn more about Transposit or try these new workflows, request a demo.