Introducing our Slack AI operator, your new AI teammate

Meet our AI operator, your superpowered assistant from alert to resolution.

Divanny Lamas, CEO
Sep 5th, 2023

At Transposit, our mission is to give operations teams superpowers. In April, we released AI-powered tools that enable users to create automations in seconds using natural language. But that was just the beginning.

Imagine a world where you’re not just using another tool, but rather gaining a well-trained, dedicated team member. Today, I’m thrilled to give you a sneak peek of our AI operator in Slack. This isn’t just another piece of incident management software. It’s the embodiment of our dream: to give you a “superpowered” teammate who is by your side from alert to resolution. It doesn’t just react — it understands.

Working alongside the expertise of your team, our AI operator intelligently analyzes your conversations to detect potential incidents, provide context-aware assistance, and summarize incidents — surfacing the right automations, knowledge, and data at the right time. This AI teammate comes ready to work, aiding your team in the incident process immediately from day one — all without any training.

Context is critical. By ingesting data from your conversations, automated actions, and historical incident data, our AI operator gains insights that are tailored to your specific needs. Built on top of our event-driven infrastructure, it effortlessly integrates with your entire environment, encompassing all your tools, data, and conversations. It goes beyond just surface-level interactions and gains a deep understanding of the entire incident lifecycle.

This is the first step to accomplishing our vision. We’re actively working on new ways to give you a teammate who not only empowers and guides you through challenging times, but also brings joy and a bit of magic to your day.

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Here’s a breakdown of its unique features:


  • Guided Incident Management: By integrating with platforms like Slack, our AI operator intelligently analyzes your conversations to detect potential incidents and suggest next steps during the incident.
  • Context-Aware Assistance: Our AI operator understands the incident context, ensuring relevant support at every stage.


  • Incident Summaries: Once an incident is resolved, our AI operator provides a comprehensive summary, highlighting key events and discussions.
  • Zero Learning Curve: Our AI operator easily guides you through incidents to diagnose, resolve, and summarize your incidents — without any training needed.


  • Instant Automation: Our AI operator offers automation that is simple to design, discover, and deploy.
  • One-Click Actionability: Surfacing the right automations at the right time, our AI operator empowers teams to take action quickly across their environment.

Empowering Humans, Not Replacing Them

Every step of the way, our AI operator guides humans through the incident process, giving suggestions and options — but never replacing the unique expertise and qualities of humans. We let AI take on the tedious work of gathering and consuming data and keeping track of the process while empowering humans to do what they’re uniquely good at doing — using judgment, collaboration, and creativity to solve complex problems.

The Future of AI for Incident Management

We are on a mission to revolutionize incident management with intelligent automation, frictionless processes, and knowledge at your fingertips. We’re actively working on new features and capabilities to make your incident management process even more streamlined and efficient. Whether you’re dealing with minor glitches or major outages, our AI operator has got your back.

Join us in building the future of AI for incident management — sign up for our waitlist to be the first to know about our AI updates. Together, we can redefine the way incidents are managed and pave the way for a new era of intelligent automation.